Just Garden.

So you are sitting here reading this article entitled, Just Garden. Sounds a lot like Just Do It, huh? The name probably caught your attention because you have been looking into starting your very own garden of some sort. Flowers, vegetables, herbs, an aesthetic appeal, fresh food, or organic produce, may be one if not a few of the reasons why you are thinking of starting your own garden. There a numerous reasons out there why people start gardening. Take a look at some of the top 10 Reasons To Garden.

You have probably already done some research into the matter, looking things up like growing in the soil or building a raised bed, using a planter, or maybe even a Topsy Turvy for those upside down red tomatoes. Nowadays information is easily accessible online and via contacting the Master Gardeners in your area. Information like Gardener’s Pre-Planned Gardens provides simple instructions on how to plant different arrangements of plants in order to achieve a high yield for weeks.

Shoot! You already did your research and know that it is going take some initial money and time upfront. Why are you worried about that? Everything takes time and money nowadays. Starting a garden could end up saving you money in the future. For example, in NGB’s Top 10 Reasons the second highest reason is for exercise. You could cater to your garden so much you do not need that expensive gym membership. Do not just look at the short term with gardening. You simply cannot. It is a long term hobby, passion, sport, and lifestyle that needs your upfront commitment and long term energy.

So let’s talk long term. Yes, gardening itself is a long term process. This is only just the beginning. It is only scratching the surface. It is only the tip of the iceberg. It is like riding a bicycle. One never seems to forget how to do it no matter the time span. You can take your gardening skill set with you wherever you go. You move homes. You have children. The gardening community is friendly. Meet new people who can share their knowledge with you and vice versa. Gardening is an age old tradition that has been ongoing since humans decided to settle down and build homes. Take your gardening expertise and try out pots, different varieties of plants, and different techniques. Go organic, join a community garden, or even sell at a farmers’ market. Teach your children patience, that bugs are not scary, and that fresh food is delicious.

Over the past few years gardening has been on the rise in the country. People are starting to move towards healthier foods now more than ever. Although it has taken some time to get to this point, it is predicted to steadily increase over the coming years.

Recently I talked to a Maria Sandoval on the topic of gardening, more specifically on why she gardens, how she came to start, and what the future holds in store for her garden(s). Maria gardens because the price of buying organic fruits and vegetables is too expensive, and because growing herbs in the kitchen is simple, convenient, and easy. She is also worried about her carbon footprint and how it affects the world around her. She reflected on her past and how it brought her to the point where she wanted to start her own vegetable garden at home.

Maria talked about the garden her mother had when she was younger. When Maria moved out she also tried to start a garden but for the wrong reason. She guessed it was most likely just to have one because that is what she grew up with. However, when she moved to New York City she witnessed a local lot being transformed into a community garden, guerilla gardening of sorts. She had not tried to start a garden there or at her apartment at that point. What she witnessed was the joy, happiness, and the local gathering spot for people that the garden brought to the community. Once she returned to Albuquerque she started her own garden again, this time with the care and purpose that she was lacking before. Looking into the future Maria claims that she will definitely continue her gardens even in a new home if that means starting from scratch. She will take her knowledge wherever she goes, and find the right reason to garden.

Just Garden.

-Posted by Bill

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