Who We Are

2022 Blog Contributors

Abbi is a senior at UNM and is perusing as BS in Environmental Science. She enjoys being around her friends and family, going on spontaneous adventures and likes longs walks on the beach.

Caleb is a Junior at UNM working towards a BS in applied mathematics with a minor in sustainability studies. They love the mountains, biking, and adventuring with their 2-year-old pup, Zuko. Caleb possesses multiple degrees in Martial Arts and advocates for all ages to broaden their disciplines.

Charley is a Senior at UNM majoring in Geography and minoring in Sustainability. They have been a farmer for nearly a decade, and land remediation and food justice are close to their heart.



Feleecia is a 1st-year student at the University of New Mexico studying General Management and Sustainability Studies. She is passionate about creating real change in her community through UNM LEAF and Protect Our Planet New Mexico. 

Gloria is a junior at UNM studying Biochemistry and enjoys gardening and hiking.

Isa is a student-athlete at the University of New Mexico interested in the role that food plays in our wellness, environment, and community. 

Issac is a senior graduating this semester majoring in environmental science.


MacKenzie is currently a sophomore in the Environmental Planning and Design program with a minor in Sustainability Studies. She enjoys hiking, reading, and swimming!

Marissa is a sophomore at UNM studying conservation biology with minors in sustainability studies and film.


Nic is a junior at UNM pursuing a BA in Political Science, a BA in History, and minors in Sustainability Studies, Economics, and Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts. He enjoys biking, hiking, and kayaking in his (limited) free time.


Sela is a Geography and Environmental Studies major with a minor in Sustainability Studies who spends her time making art, caring for her plants and cooking vegan meals.

2021 Blog Contributors

Kaela was born and raised in New Mexico. Her love for animals and nature has inspired her to study the planet and how to protect it. She is now a junior at the University of New Mexico, planning to graduate next year with a Bachelors in Biology and a minor in Sustainability Studies. 

Elizabeth is currently a freshman pursuing a BS in Biology with a minor in Sustainability Studies. She enjoys hiking, gardening, and going to the zoo!

Matthew was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is a senior in the Environmental Planning and Design program with a concentration in Community Transformation and Placemaking.

Kyla is a New Mexico native and a 3rd year student at UNM studying Environmental Planning and Design with a minor in Sustainability Studies. 

Jared is a junior at the University of New Mexico, studying political science with minors in sustainability studies and philosophy, and hopes to work in a career field influencing political change in matters such as the climate crisis.

Rebecca is a junior at UNM pursuing a BS in Environmental Science, and minor in Sustainability Studies. She finds fulfillment and joy in hiking, spending time with her cat, Grady, and cooking meals for the people she loves.   

Rachael is passionate about sustainable farming, community development, and rhubarb crisp.

Kasey is a second-year student from South Dakota pursuing degrees in International Studies and Economics with minors in Sustainability Studies and Spanish.

Kineo is a sophomore at UNM studying Environmental Science and Sustainability Studies who is passionate about climate change and water conservation issues.

Tiffany, majoring in Anthropology – with a focus in Archaeology – and minoring in Sustainability Studies, is intrigued by the intertwining of our prehistoric agricultural and cultural practices with current processes to move toward a more just and sustainable world. 

Jess is pursuing a degree in Women’s Studies and Sustainability. She loves gardening, cooking, and playing games with her friends.

Erica loves sunshine and is majoring in psychology and minoring in Sustainability Studies and Spanish.

2020 Blog Contributors

Adriana is working towards a BS in Biology with a minor in Sustainability Studies. She enjoys gardening, fostering animals, and percussion.

Ben is an Operations Management major who enjoys sunbathing.

Dani is a senior Liberal Arts Integrated Studies major who plans on teaching high school physics. He has a passion for social justice, and is a disability rights advocate and motivational speaker.

Eliana is a New Mexico native and is majoring in Political Science at UNM with a minor in Sustainability Studies.

Hannah is a junior at UNM studying Business with a minor in Sustainability Studies. 

Jade grew up in northern New Mexico, and can be found writing when she isn’t reading. She is currently majoring in Biology and Entomology at UNM with a minor in Sustainability Studies. Hi mom!

James is a junior at UNM majoring in History. He enjoys hiking and camping, and wants to make the world a better place through love and positivity. 

Natalia is a student at UNM majoring in Liberal Arts with a focus in Sociology, Communications, and Cultural Studies, and a minor in Sustainability. 

Pearl is a sophomore at UNM and is in the Sustainability Studies Program to focus on working towards equity through environmental justice. 

Stefany is from New Mexico and is a senior at UNM majoring in Biology and Chicana & Chicano Studies. She is also a mother and a community organizer with CESOSS and Project Feed the Hood, and has been participating in/learning from community initiatives throughout the state since 2012.

Trinity is a junior at UNM and is minoring in Sustainability Studies.

Tyler is an Army infantry veteran studying business and sustainability at UNM while also learning about and working towards food security in New Mexico. He is supported by a loving family, great friends, and the most wonderful wife and son. He thanks God for all his blessings and opportunities.

2019 Blog Contributors

Brooke is an English major at UNM who has a passion for reading, and learning how to leave the world better than she found it.

Chloe is a senior at UNM majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sustainability Studies.

Destiny is a junior at UNM pursuing her Bachelors in Environmental Planning & Design with minors in Sustainability Studies and Geographical Information Systems. She was born in Albuquerque and loves camping and crafting.

Heather is a baby penguin who specializes in environmental and social justice through holistic writing.

Jade is a UNM student majoring in Geography with a minor in Sustainability Studies.

Jason is a native New Mexican from Roswell, NM. He is pursuing a BS in Geography & Environmental Studies and a minor in Sustainability Studies. He is avid hiker and alien enthusiast.

Kelli is a sophomore at the University of New Mexico, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Sustainability Studies.

Kelsey is a sophomore born and raised in New Mexico. She is majoring in Geography and minoring in Sustainability Studies.

Sarah is a student at UNM studying English with a minor in Sustainability Studies.


Tyrel is a Film and Digital Media Arts major and Sustainability Studies minor. He is an avid home cook who is passionate about not only plant-based eating but the overarching philosophy of veganism. 

2018 Blog Contributors

Alex is a senior at UNM finishing her degree in Emergency Medical Services with a not-so-secret love of vegetables, backyard chickens, and creating sustainable food systems in New Mexico.

Alma is a junior at the University of New Mexico majoring in Geography.

Ami is an exchange student from Kyoto, Japan, studying international relations.

Andrei is a biochemistry major who has lived his whole life in New Mexico and is minoring in Sustainability Studies.

Angelyse was born in raised in Albuquerque NM. She is pursuing her Bachelors in Communication, with a minor in Sustainability Studies. She enjoys teaching yoga and eating fresh local foods.

Coleen is a civil engineering major, minoring in sustainability, who was just hired as sustainability intern for Chartwells Food and is excited about making her campus more sustainable through the food we eat.

Edwin is a junior in the Civil Engineering Department with a focus in water resources and management. While he focuses his studies on infrastructure, he hopes to foster sustainability in the community.

Kathrine is a junior at UNM majoring in Architecture with a sustainability minor. She is passionate about designing green, sustainable structures that coexist with the environment and encourage inhabitants to thrive. 

Kim, hailing from Seattle, is a freshman at the University of New Mexico majoring in International Studies with a minor in Sustainability.

Matt is an Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media major and Sustainability Studies minor in his sophomore year at UNM. In his free time he enjoys music, movies, games, basketball and surf. He pursues sustainability studies because he feels extremely obligated to give this knowledge attention these days, really above all else, and ever since he took the first class in the subject, he thought unequivocally this should be a requirement and common knowledge for all. 

Natasha is a junior at UNM majoring in philosophy with a minor in sustainability studies. 

Paul is a part of the Sandia Pueblo and UNM community and is pursuing sustainability. 

Reed is a student at the University of New Mexico, and is optimistic about the future and how people will adopt more sustainable methods for living. 

Shaikh is an international student from Bangladesh pursuing his Bachelor’s in Business and interested in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). His desire is to establish a B Corporation someday.

Tifani is a junior in Studio Arts at the University of New Mexico.

2017 Blog Contributors

Carly is a native New Mexican who’s majoring in International Studies and spends her free time aimlessly wandering through farmers markets and planning intensely intricate study abroad programs.

Selina is a senior at UNM majoring in a self-created major designed around the Sustainability Studies program.

Karina is a junior at UNM studying for her Bachelors in Environmental Planning and Design and a Minor in Sustainability. She is passionate about the built environment and its effects on public health.

Jonathan K is a Junior in the Environmental Science program at UNM.  He enjoys spending weekends hiking the Sandias.

Justin is a born-and-raised New Mexican from Tijeras, majoring in Environmental Communications & Journalism, and an avid runner as well as vegetarian.

Sean, hailing from Southern California and bleeding Dodger Blue, is a Junior majoring in History and minoring in Sustainability Studies.

Tania is a UNM Anthropology Major and Sustainability Studies Minor. Her studies and life experiences have led to a vision of a world that values the lessons of those gone before, while adapting those ideas toward a more sustainable future that celebrates our multicultural world.

Nicholas is a junior in communications and journalism at the University of New Mexico.

Jonathan P is currently a UNM student pursuing a minor in sustainability studies. His dream is to integrate traditional wisdom of the past to preserve our Mother Earth. 

Martin is a peace-loving hippie who wants to have a community-based system rooted in stewarding the land.

Amy considers herself a ‘foodie’ and loves to cook for friends and family. Through her studies in sustainability, she has developed a deep passion for learning how to grow food in her backyard and encouraging others to do the same.

Jacqueline is pursuing an architecture major and a minor in sustainability studies, and she wants to use the power of design to shape the world into a better place.

Juliet is an Environmental Science student who’s just trying to avoid a desk job. 

Shannon is graduating May 2017 with a Liberal Arts degree focused on sustainability, and will be starting a Master’s in community and regional planning in the fall.

Kyle is a junior at UNM majoring in Management Information Systems.

Sam is an Architecture student who focuses on sustainable aspects in her academic and social life.

Emily is an economics and sustainability student at UNM and super excited for the Sustainability Expo!

2016 Blog Contributors

Reyna is a senior majoring in environmental science and minoring in Sustainability Studies. One of her goals is to start a growers’ market in Zuni Pueblo.

Rebekah is a junior at UNM pursuing a degree in Sociology and Sustainability Studies with interests that integrate agricultural practices and community vitality.

Keara is a fourth year UNM student constantly looking for practical ways to live more simply and sustainably.

David is a junior at UNM, majoring in geography and minoring in Sustainability Studies.

Sherilyn is an undergraduate at UNM in the Bachelor of Liberal Arts program with a minor in sustainability studies with concentrations on the community and environmental problems, justice, and solutions here and abroad.

Moya is a fourth year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Environmental Management.

Daniel is an undergraduate senior at the University of New Mexico, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Planning Design with a minor in Sustainability Studies. With a passion for the outdoors whether it be the natural or built environment, he has future aspirations to work in the field of sustainable urban agriculture and environmental planning.

Nick is an International Studies Major who loves to implement alternative eco-friendly ideas into normal life.

Natasha is pursuing her degree in Communications  and Sustainability Studies at UNM. She has a passion for Mother Nature, dancing, good conversation and good coffee.

Pam is a junior majoring in Environmental Communication and minoring in Sustainability Studies. She is a self-proclaimed “foodie” who is passionate about the planet. 

Dana is a junior at UNM studying Sustainability and International Studies. She enjoys traveling, learning about foreign cultures, making art, and spending time outside in nature.

Joe is a student at UNM, majoring in Geography and minoring in Sustainability Studies. He has been a dot-com business owner for the past 14 years and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

Brandon is an undergraduate at UNM working towards his B.S. in Environmental Science who also loves playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Jessica is double majoring in Environmental Science and Geography, and minoring in Sustainability. She enjoys being outdoors and traveling any chance she gets.

2015 Blog Contributors
Rachel Abeyta
Rachel is a graphic designer and artist who is studying Art & Ecology and Sustainability at UNM. She loves being in nature any chance she gets and can often be found scaling rocks around New Mexico.

Cati Ambriz
Cati is an Art Studio student also studying Sustainability Studies. She hopes to integrate the two and educate others to ultimately create a world where sustainability and equality are accessible to all people.

Angela Arriaga
Angela is a non-traditional student at UNM, studying Geography and Sustainability Studies. In her spare time she volunteers with non-profit community organizations such as the New Mexico Solar Energy Association and 350.org New Mexico. She is a single mother, and her son Nico is her greatest inspiration for making the world a better place.

Kyle Bality
Kyle is an Environmental Planning and Design Major at UNM. He is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for composting.

Lacey Becenti
Lacey is a junior Communications major with a concentration in Environment and a minor in Sustainability at the University of New Mexico. She is hoping to build a career in extension with the Navajo Nation.

CB Bryan
CB is currently seeking her bachelor’s in Fine Art with a concentration in painting and sculpture. She finds inspiration in bicycle riding, red dirt and quality meals eaten with the people she loves.

Tyler Clayshulte
Tyler is a sophomore and a student of Biology with a minor in Sustainability Studies at UNM.

Bill Cooper
Bill is a senior in the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico with interests that integrate sustainability practices and future businesses.

Wilmer Detsoi
Wilmer is a senior majoring in Business Management Information Systems, and minoring in Sustainability. He also works full-time doing Bob Barker impersonations and hopes to one day live the dream of hosting The Price Is Right. On a daily basis he encourages others and helps spread the good word of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Melissa Francis
Melissa is an Environmental Communication and Sustainability student who will be graduating this spring. She will be back to her studies at UNM in the fall to pursue a Masters degree though the Department of Communication. Melissa enjoys photography, theatre, and discussing film over a glass of wine.

Heidi Griffin
Currently focusing her studies on the areas of Anthropology and Sustainability, Heidi has a prior degree in Theatre and Film and is also a preschool teacher, a mama and a (com)passionately vegan cook. She hopes to one day open both a cruelty-free bakery and and an animal sanctuary (in different locations).

Keila Gutierrez
Keila is a student of Biology and Sustainability, as well as a lover of travel, dance, languages, and good food.

Higinio Martinez
Higinio is a Biochemistry student who strives for conscious awareness in all aspects of life while exploring the magic of reality.

Divana Olivas
Divana is a senior double majoring in Chicana & Chicano studies and Spanish, with a minor in Latin American Studies. Currently, she is involved in the creation of a community garden at her former elementary school, in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She hopes to continue her community activism in graduate school, and in her free time she enjoys taking naps with her puppy and traveling with her sister.

Ashli Safford
Ashli is a junior at the University of New Mexico. She hopes to inspire people around her to invest in their local economy by shopping locally.

Delaney Tucker
Delaney is a sophomore at UNM, majoring in Business and minoring in Sustainability. She is a member of the UNM cheer team and also enjoys rock climbing and traveling in her spare time.

Russel Verploegh
Russell is a 4th year senior in University Studies, who hopes to use his education in sustainable farming practices from the University of New Mexico to one day operate his own organic farm.

Nathan Williard
Nathan is a sophomore at UNM studying Business and Sustainability. Most of the time you can find him at Taos Ski Valley skiing and coaching skiing. If he is not there, he is out racing and riding single track on his mountain bike. 

Jared Wittmer
Jared is a young biologist with a fondness for Mendelian genetics, cross-breeding, and the taste of green chile.

2014 Blog Contributors
Simon Arnet
Simon is a Computer Science and Sustainability student. Film editing, photography and saxophone are just a few of his areas of interest. He hopes to combine high tech and sustainable practices to better humanity in the future.

Taylor Blueher
Taylor is a senior at UNM.  He will be graduating this semester with a BLA in Environmental Studies, and hopes to pursue a path that leads to the betterment of relationships between humans and the environment.

Felipe Cook
Felipe is a political science student with a background in sustainability studies, and a strong commitment to educating the global audience about sustainable methods of farming.

Zoey Fink
Zoey is an Environmental Science student who spends her time running long distances, climbing rocks, and cooking good food to share with good company.

Tom Geusz
Tom is barefoot botanist, spending time sowing, growing & knowing medicinal and edible plants in addition to his academic studies at UNM.

Mickayla Hodgman
Mickayla is, by day, a student of Conservation Biology and Sustainability, a plant keeper/gardener, an animal activist, a lover of Mother Nature, and an explorer of the path less traveled. She is a crazy cat lady the rest of the time. 

Billy Le
Billy is certified in Eco-village and Permaculture design, and is currently studying Urban Design and Sustainability.

Gordon Loiselle

Anna Maldonado
Anna is an International Studies student with a concentration in Sustainability. She loves harnessing the power of nature for living and healing. In her spare time she enjoys social dancing and hanging out near trees.

Olivia Marin
Olivia is a tree-hugging, earth-loving and nature-cherishing sustainability student at UNM. FoodCorps is a bright possibility in her future, and she hopes to spread the wonderment of gardening on whatever path she chooses.

Anastassia Ryan
Anastassia is an Environmental Science student who aspires to live in a treehouse she built, eating food she grew and raised.

Tyson Ryder
Tyson is a gardener and writer from and living in Albuquerque. He studies English and Sustainability Studies at the University of New Mexico. He can run 1500m in less than 6 minutes, bench press 90kg and plans to race in the Run for the Zoo this May for the first time in 15 years.

Lena Skipper
Lena has an insatiable appetite for learning, especially when it involves food or issues of sustainability. One day she hopes to be a contributor rather than an absorber of information.

Paloma Sanchez
When she’s not traveling and rock climbing, Paloma loves to explore and experience the off-grid lifestyle. 

Tammira Taylor
Tammira is a Geography student and Cartographic Technician with a passion for local food and culture.  

Sean-Paul VonAncken

2013 Blog Contributors
Amy Adams
Amy is a Biology student with a deep interest in both natural and agrarian ecosystems. She hopes to contribute to solutions that will keep these ecosystems balanced and sustainable.

Spencer Atkinson
Spencer is a lover of good food and tasty brews. He is passionate about nature and ecology and is committed to pursuing a healthier, more sustainable planet and future.

Heather Buckley
Heather is a Conservation Biology student who hopes to one day work with endangered animals and biodiversity. She loves to be outdoors and spends her free time practicing yoga, running, and cooking vegetarian food.

Caitlin Campbell
Caitlin is an Environmental Planning & Design student who hopes to find a career in viticulture upon completion of her undergraduate degree.  She is an avid piano player and loves spending time in the outdoors with her dog.

Lydia Difani
Lydia is a history student  whose world revolves around food and cooking. As of the completion of this blog, she is a novice mason.

Lynnea Freer
Lynnea wants to go back to her roots and connect with nature. She strives for sustainable development while enjoying hikes with her dog and the natural gift of the outdoors.

Betsy Fulreader
Betsy is a student at UNM pursuing a self-designed major in Social Equity and Environmental Health. She has always been interested in herbs and is convinced of their healing benefits to our bodies and our earth.

Blair Hudson
Blair is an old guy working on his second life, and he is doing so through sustainable agriculture.

EJ believes that change can happen with a hand full of seeds, community action and a desire to be sustainable. Her area of interest is in food justice.

Ian Kerstetter
Ian is an artist, cloud watcher, and aspiring urban farmer who is fascinated with the connections between art, culture, and land. He loves green chile so much that he once put it on Pad Thai. It really wasn’t that bad.

Jill Loniewski
Jill is an aspiring agriculturalist whose interests include, but are not limited to, growing and preparing healthy food, reading, collecting records, and window shopping.

Magdalena Manning
While Magdalena Manning is positively in love with Philip K. Dick, Frank Herbert and others like them, she prays that through sustainable practices their fictions will never become our realities.

Robby Medeiros
Robby is an outdoor enthusiast who likes to try new things and believes that life is what you make of it.

Benjamin Mortensen
Benjamin is a outdoor enthusiast with a passion for design and a dream of sustainable living.

Jessica Rowland
Jessica is a climate scientist by training and a lecturer in the UNM Sustainability Studies Program. As an avid backyard gardener and outdoor enthusiast, she supports local foodshed development and low-carbon living.

Takeo Royer
Good food is one of Takeo’s greatest indulgences. He is committed to fusing sustainability and agriculture into his daily routine, and sharing that with the world.

Stephanie VonAncken
Stephanie is currently experimenting in urban agriculture and chicken raising. She is an international business and sustainability studies student, pottery thrower, cyclist, singer and outdoor enthusiast.

Kara Williard
Kara is a community activist, whose lifelong passion for the outdoors is her reason for pursuing sustainable practices and education. She one day hopes to have her own urban farm set up in a food desert.

Seth Wood
Seth was born and raised on a small cattle ranch in the East Mountains. He loves to be outside.

2012 Blog Contributors
Dan Berry
Dan is an obsessed brewer, a sustainability initiate, and a recovering musician.

Keenan Boliek-Poling
Keenan believes that by cultivating a resilient local agriculture we can unlock a path of sustainable living and build a strong sense of community in culturally rich and diverse New Mexico.

Kendra Crooks
Kendra is a Media Arts student; she hopes to live and learn sustainability and share it with the world.

Eva Dellis
Eva loves the outdoors and promotes stewardship of pristine environments to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy earth’s extraordinary ecology.

Garrett Denmark
Garrett is interested in creating more sustainable agriculture and forestry systems within communities, while also focusing on how to accommodate these practices in light of rising human population.

Miriam Diddy
Miriam (Navajo/Hopi) is majoring in Environmental Planning & Design. She seeks to extend access to local food on tribal lands, along with sustainable practices.

Kristiana Dion
Kristiana aspires to be a healer through natural medicine and a teacher of nutrition. She loves to hike and learn about how to live la vida local!

Brandie Erisman
Brandie believes a healthy planet and a vital economy are key factors in human health.

Lisette Infante
Lisette is a Biology student who loves food! Now that she has a child, Lisette wants to make sure the food that her baby gets is healthy and fresh.

Justin Kopickzko-Nunez
Justin is interested in the local agriculture movement in general but is especially focused on livestock; he has several chickens and goats.

Kateri Lopez
Kateri is a geography student who is interested in land and water resource management and hopes to someday continue her family tradition and start her own farm.

Grace Martinez
In hopes of sharing her love for food and health, Grace is constantly searching for new recipes, health tips, gardening ideas, and ways to support local agriculture.

Patrick Nechvatal
As a Business student, Patrick is passionate about all things food: the tastes, the culture and the art. In the future, he hopes to one day his own restaurant where he can make people happy simply by doing what he loves.

Caitlin Pace
Caitlin is an avid sports fan, and envisions “green” sports arenas in a futuristic America.

Hannah Robinson
Hannah is a student in the Sustainability Studies program, where her focus has been on local food and sustainable agriculture. She is looking forward to this year’s LOBO Growers’ Market and to seeing more local food in the UNM area!

Cody Romero
As a Political Science student minoring in Sustainability Studies, Cody is passionate about creating a more sustainable local and global community.

Jessica Rowland
Jessica is a climate scientist by training and a lecturer in the UNM Sustainability Studies Program. As an avid backyard gardener and outdoor enthusiast, she supports local foodshed development and low-carbon living.

Keenan Vincent
As Aldo Leopold said, Keenan is glad he “will not be young in a future without wilderness.”

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