Daily Lobo Coverage of the Market

Thanks, Daily Lobo staff, for your coverage of the Sustainability Studies Program’s fall series of growers’ market!

After the first market in August, the campus newspaper ran a front page spread: Market brings local produce to campus.

A sustainability course at UNM inspired a student to start her own farm and sell her produce at an on-campus growers market.

The Lobo Growers Market began in 2007 as an annual on-campus growers market in an effort to help students eat healthy, but it has become a six-week, student-run event. UNM students who enrolled last spring in Growers Market Practicum (SUST 364), a course that focuses on the economic and social benefits of growers markets, manage the growers market this fall. Vendors at the market sell locally grown produce such as green apples, garlic, eggplant, broccoli and squash. Read more…

The Daily Lobo ran another piece in September – Recipes enrich outreach effort – that covered the second market event, which had a “recipe-swap” theme.

Whether it’s sliced fruit mixed with Greek yogurt, or your mother’s homemade green-chile cheese enchiladas, recipes for great dishes are meant to be shared.

UNM’s Lobo Growers Market held a recipe swap Wednesday, encouraging students and vendors to share their favorite recipes. The recipe swap was part of the six-week market series featuring fresh food and produce. Student market manager Kimberly Barnett said the event tries to help students eat healthier. Read more…

We’d also like your feedback about the growers’ market. Let us know the products and growers you’d like to see at the market in the future. Give us some ideas for engaging market themes. Tell us how we can spread the word and get more students, staff and faculty to attend the Lobo Growers’ Market. Would you like this six-week series of markets to become a fall tradition on campus, or do you prefer a one-time special event?

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