How do I get involved in – or stay involved with – politics during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Outlined here are 9 ways to stay involved – or get involved – in politics during the quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic.  These are all safe to do from the comfort of your home without risking spreading or contracting anything.

Prepare: Just like the world changed after 9/11, the world will likely never return to normal after COVID-19. The pandemic will reshape the world around us, and therefore it is critical to prepare for the changes. This is a video of regular people talking about what they think life will be like. Here is an Australian news story discussing the world after the pandemic ends. Politico interviews 34 experts about the world after this pandemic ends. Here is an analysis of how foreign policy and even politics between states will change after the corona pandemic.

Donate: The first way that you can get involved with politics, both during this 2020 pandemic and always, is to put your money where your mouth is and donate to organizations, causes, or politicians that represent your values.

  • Organizations: The article The Best Nonprofits Fighting for Sustainability lists the top nonprofits working for sustainability in 2017.  Sustainability Degrees has an article, The 14 Most Influential Sustainability NGOs  with a very good mix of organizations fighting for the three pillars of sustainability: environment, economy and social equity. Another good resource for organizations that are working to advance the environmental pillar of sustainability are listed in the article 10 Best Environmental Charities
  • Politicians: The site open secrets lets you investigate all levels of politicians and donate to the one(s) whose campaign you agree with. Or join votesmart to evaluate what candidates agree the most with your political beliefs and then donate directly to their campaigns.

Volunteering: This does not have to be done in person.  A great resource is called volunteer match. This site helps connect people wishing to use their skills to help others during this pandemic, and potentially after, with volunteer opportunities. The opportunities appear to be from home. The city of Albuquerque has a website of opportunities to volunteer on the City’s ABQ volunteers website.  There are a variety of local farms that are looking for volunteers.  So, if you want to get out of the house, and are able (depending on the restrictions in place at the time), you can always search for local farms looking for volunteers.

Protesting: Although gathering in groups is dangerous during this time of COVID-19, there are still ways to protest. There are calls for a general strike. This is a video about General Strike 2020. Genstrike is a website that details the general strike.  =It includes not only striking from work, but also not spending any money on May 1st, or May Day.  There are also actions being done by groups like New Mexico Climate Action.

There are many ways to protest on social media. You can spread the word. You can organize, network, plan, and connect because the only successful way to effect change to the system we live in is to stand together. DO NOT STRIKE ALONE!! Mutual aid groups are paramount to a successful strike. You can find or create these on social media.

Write letters to the editor: Though newspapers and magazines are becoming less relevant, they are still important sources of political information for a large segment of the population. This is a video where the viewer is led through the writing of a letter to the editor by a media outreach leader at the Natural Resource Defense Council. This video offers more steps and advice for writing a letter to the editor.

Hold a press conference: Anyone can hold a press conference, although it does help to be a specialist in the area that you are discussing. This written link explains how to prepare to hold a press conference. This is yet another great tool for educating yourself on planning and holding a press conference. This video provides strategies for planning a press conference, and this one shares numerous dos and don’ts of holding a press conference. Anyone can reserve a room at their local political office, then send a press release, like this one with focus on business press releases, or this one, which focuses on a general information about a press release. Here are some final tips for holding a great press conference.

Sign a petition: There are a vast number of petitions that you can sign from the comfort of your own home during this pandemic, and after. There are social justice petitions, environmental issue petitions, and many individual petitions for a sustainable economy.

Run for office: This video explains how and why normal people should run for political office. This is a step by step, how-to boot camp on running for political office.

Attend a public meeting: There are a variety of public meetings that people can attend virtually while in isolation. There are progressive organizations like indivisible Nob Hill and Climate Action New Mexico. There are also political advisory groups operating in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico and the Federal government. There is also a zoom on the topic of the pandemic on the oil and gas industries of New Mexico.

-Posted by Dani

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