LOBO Growers’ Market

There are currently more than 7,200 growers’ markets in the United States, and they are becoming progressively more popular as consumers realize the benefits of both eating and buying locally. University of New Mexico Sustainability Studies students in the SUST-364 Growers’ Market Practicum course have spent the semester exploring the environmental, social and economic benefits of growers’ markets, with two main goals in mind:

  • To immerse themselves in Albuquerque’s local foodshed and food value chain, and
  • To develop the LOBO Growers’ Market on UNM Main campus.

Students have been researching the logistical aspects of planning and managing growers’ markets, while simultaneously organizing the LOBO Growers’ Market event on campus.  The class has received guidance from local farmers, value-added producers, restaurateurs, market managers and produce distributors, and has had the opportunity to visit the Santa Fe Winter Farmers’ Market, the South Valley Economic Development Center Commercial Kitchen, Sol Harvest Farm, Farm & Table Restaurant, Erda Gardens, FreshProduceABQ, and La Montanita Co-op Distribution Center warehouse.

The LOBO Growers’ Market will be held in conjunction with the 4th Annual Sustainability Expo, on April 19th from 10am to 2pm on Cornell Mall. The market will provide the university community with an opportunity to support local and sustainable small businesses. There will be farms selling fresh produce, herbs and starter plants; prepared-food and value-added vendors; and local artisans and musicians. The SUST-364 students also view the market as a venue for promoting the values of sustainable living. There will be numerous informal “how-to” informational pieces presented by the students during the Sustainability Expo. Stop by the LOBO Growers’ Market information table to learn more! Buy Local, Be Lobo!

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